To Be Young, Privileged & Black: A Word on the Mimicry & Assimilation of White Hegemony

The SuburbanZulu

On the 18th of March, The Student Representative Council of the university posted a notice on their Facebook page, informing the public of a meeting anointed to take place the next day. It was intended that the student populace; the various student representative societies; members of the university’s higher management; as well as, the office of the Vice-Chancellor would all be present to share one space for a significant moment in time.

Today is the evening of the 19th. Rhodes University is illuminated with tension. The campus transforms into a representation of necessary rebellion. The students run rhythmically through the university’s passages and alleys, spilling onto the main road leading to the Great Hall where the meeting is to be held. Protest songs and struggle hymns are sung with passion and harmonic intuition. As one group of students pass me by while chanting Yinde Le Ndlela Esiy’hambayo, the…

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